Friday, August 28, 2015

Metro Hotel on Pitt Hosting ‘RUOK?’ Day

Metro Hotel on Pitt Hosting ‘RUOK?’ Day

Metro Hotel on Pitt Asking ‘RUOK?’

Property Manager of Metro Hotel on Pitt, Simon Wanstall and a number of Metro Hotel’s Sydney staff participated in the recent City2Surf in Sydney, raising over one and a half thousand dollars for Oz Harvest. This amount enables over 3,000 meals for people in much needed assistance.
So far this year, the small team at Metro Hotel on Pitt have collectively raised over $3,000 in a variety of causes, and donated their spare time to help out Sydney’s most disadvantaged homeless.
Simon and his team are great devotees to the local community in Sydney and will be holding a number events leading up to“RUOK?” Day on September 11th, 2015.
“The welfare of our guests, colleagues and loved ones is important here at Metro Hotel on Pitt. During September we will be holding a series of events to encourage conversation, promote friendship and comradery and hopefully raise the awareness of the campaign to ask RU OK?” said Simon. “Our mantra borrowed from, is that it isn’t okay to ask to borrow someone’s toothbrush, but it is okay to ask RU OK?” he added.
Metro Hotels has a strong history of ensuring their workforce is given the opportunity to talk to someone should anything not be okay through their Employee Assistance Line and Metro Hotel on Pitt is delighted to further strengthen this link and communication about mental health.
Events for the hotel team will include; coffee making classes, bread making experience, “sushi” rolling class, wine tasting, tea tasting. They will also be holding trust based games and talking a lot more about the stigmas behind this simple question.
Simon Wanstall - Property Manager of Metro Hotel on Pitt

More about RUOK Day
In 1995, much-loved Barry Larkin was far from ok. His suicide left family and friends in deep grief and with endless questions.
In 2009, his son Gavin Larkin chose to champion just one question to honour his father and to try and protect other families from the pain his endured.
Are you ok?
While collaborating with Janina Nearn on a documentary to raise awareness, the team quickly realized the documentary alone wouldn't be enough.
To genuinely change behaviour Australia-wide, a national campaign was needed. And from this realisation, and with Gavin and Janina’s expertise and passion, R U OK? was born.
Gavin remained a passionate champion of the fact a conversation could change a life, even as cancer ended his in 2011.
His and Janina’s legacy is ensuring all Australians realise a little question can make a big difference to those people struggling with life.
For anyone suffering from depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts, please visit Beyond Blue's website for support or call 1300 22 46 36

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Top 9 Things To Do At The Royal National Park

Top 9 Things To Do At The Royal National Park
Photo Credit: Andy Richards/NSW Government

Top 9 Things To Do At The Royal National Park

Royal National Park is a national park in New South Wales, Australia, 29 km south of Sydney CBD. Located at Audley, just 32km from Sydney city, the park offers incredible beauty and natural diversity just minutes from the highway and train station.

The Royal National Park is the world's second oldest purposed national park (after Yellowstone in the United States), and the first to use the term "national park".

In this natural haven, open ocean, sandstone cliffs and wetlands meet grassy woodland, rainforests, coastal heathland and eucalypt forests. You will also find some significant geological sites, including fascinating beach ridges at Cabbage Tree Basin.

1. Bushwalking and Hiking

The perfect escape for hikers, beginners or those who enjoy a scenic but challenging walk, you can't go past bush walking throughout the Royal National Park. There are numerous walking trails, for walkers of different levels and of different landscapes throughout the park. Over 100 kilometres of walking tracks take in a wide range of scenery - from forests to valleys to beaches - so you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to taking photos.

The most popular walk is the Coast Walk, which wraps around the park's eastern edge and delivers breath taking coastal scenery. It is a 30 kilometre track, beginning from Bundeena to Otford, or vice versa. It's recommended that walkers allow 2 days for the walk.

Coast Walk
Photo Credit:

2. Boating and Canoeing 

The park offers two different landscapes for boating - the river system or along the coast line. Towra Beach is an area of protected wetlands, sand flats and seagrass that can only be reached by boat or paddling. A tranquil beach that's great for padding and exploring, so pack a picnic or build a sandcastle by its calm waters. Any visitors will mostly be of the winged kind; rare migrating birds wade the coastline. To reach Towra Beach, you'll need to bring your own canoes or kayaks.

If you’d like to go on a boating or paddling adventure inside the park, you can launch your canoe or kayak from the nearby boat ramp at Fitzpatrick Park.

Inside the park resides the Hacking River which offers affordable boat and canoe hire for a fun filled day out to explore the river system. Boat and canoe hire at the Audley Boat Hire starts at AUD$20 for 1 hour hire to $40 for a day hire. At the end of the river is a beautiful waterfall and rock beds - great place to rest and relax.

Audley Boat Hire (inside Royal National Park):

Hacking River
Photo Credit:

3. Picnics and BBQs

When you’re pining for the feel of sand between your toes, take the family and head to Wattamolla Beach picnic area. With loads of options to keep everyone happy, this is a popular place to base yourself while you’re exploring the park. Unpack a picnic under the shade of the cabbage tree palms and do some serious unwinding, or have a delicious barbeque.

Cabbage Tree Basin is a great place for relaxing and to have picnics. The area even offers gas barbecues so you can cook up a feast.

If you’re looking to escape the city for a relaxing day near the river, head to picturesque Reids Flat picnic area. When it’s time for lunch, spark up a free gas barbecue and cook up a feast, then enjoy it on a rug or one of the nearby picnic tables.

Fitzpatrick Park is another excellent place for picnics and barbeques. Let the kids to kick a ball or throw a frisbee to work up an appetite. After a tasty picnic or barbecue lunch, relax on your picnic rug, take in some sunshine or set off on an exploration of the park.

Wattamolla Beach
Photo Credit: NSW Government

4. Cycling

Lady Carrington Drive is an easy bike trail that follows the Hacking River upstream from Audley. Cycling over 15 creeks, each identified by its Aboriginal name, you’ll pass blue gums, turpentines and patches of rainforest. Keep your ear out for the mimicking call of the lyrebird and your eyes peeled for lace monitors and echidnas.

Loftus loop trail is a 10km trail that is bound to get your heart rate up. You’ll cover 8km of trail, along with 2km of designated bike track. Terrain changes from flat, wide trails to steep, single-track trails that can be a little rocky under your tyres. There are some steep sections around Temptation Creek, so it’s best to walk these if you’re an inexperienced rider. This diverse terrain makes Loftus loop trail one of Royal National Park’s most enjoyable cycling trails.

Lady Carrington Drive
Photo Credit: David Finnegan/NSW Government

5. Swimming, Surfing and Snrokelling 

Wattamolla Beach lagoon offers safe and enjoyable calm waters for snorkelling, swimming and liloing for the whole family. After enjoying a barbecue lunch, go for a walk along one of the beach tracks, with a prize for the first to see a sea eagle or oystercatcher.

Wattle Forest picnic area offers a beautifully scenic place for a swim for the family. You could be tempted to while away a lazy afternoon in the shade by the river, serenaded by the cockatoos and currawongs, or join the kids for some swimming.

Garie Beach picnic area is the spot for swimming and surfing the waves in the warmer months. It’s an ideal spot for birdwatching, so bring the binoculars for a chance to glimpse an albatross, sea eagle, and the rarer peregrine falcon as they cruise on the updraft from coastal breezes. Please note, Garie Beach does not have lifeguards on duty.

Garie Beach
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

6. Beaches

If you want a day at the beach, the Royal National park offers an array of beaches to choose from.

  • Jibbon Beach - offers scenic grounds, Aboriginal tours, fishing and swimming areas.
  • Garie Beach - ideal for swimming, fishing and picnics on this gorgeous and family-friendly beach.
  • Wattamolla Beach - a calm lagoon and sheltered cove with a sandy bar at the inlet, perfect for snorkelling.
  • Werrong Beach - a secluded beach paradise for nudists.

Wattamolla Beach
Photo Credit: Andy Richards/NSW Government

7. Jet-skiing 

Morgans Creek picnic area is a riverside picnic area in Georges River National Park. It’s large and grassy, so an excellent choice for families with children who like lots of space to roam. Popular with anyone who likes to play on the river, you’ll find waterskiers and jetskiers as well as boaters and fishermen out enjoying the water. A dual width boat ramp and easy access from the carpark means you will be out on the water in no time. So take your jet ski down for an awesome ride.

Morgans Creek
Photo Credit: Andy Richards/NSW Government

8. Fishing

Fitzpatrick Park is just the place for a spot of family fishing – cast a line to try your hand at catching a luderick, mullet or mulloway. For beach fishing, you can't go past Wattamolla Beach for a spot of fishing. Jibbon Beach also offers a fantastic spot for fishing on the sands. Reids Flat picnic area provides a calm area for fishing.

Reids Flat
Photo Credit: Andy Richards/NSW Government

9. Whale Watching

Head to Garie Beach for a spot of whale watching in the winter. Every year, humpback whales and southern right whales migrate along the NSW coastline. They head north throughout June and in the first week of July, and return southwards from around September to November. If you're unsure of when to go to spot them, try a walking tour. Sydney Coast Walks (formerly known as Royal Coast Walks) provides expertly guided half day, full day and overnight walking and hiking adventures through Royal National Parks, enabling guests to reconnect with nature and experience the wonder of whale watching.

Sydney Coast Walks:

Whale Watching Sydney
Photo Credit: NSW Government


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Metro Hotel Miranda is the only hotel near Cronulla which does not impose minimum night stays.

Location: Cnr Kingsway and Jackson Ave, Miranda NSW 2228 Australia
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Results of the Metro Hotels City2Surf fundraiser for OzHarvest

Results of the Metro Hotels City2Surf fundraiser for OzHarvest
Metro team fundraising for OzHarvest at City2Surf 2015

The Metro team - headed by Simon Wanstall (Property Manager of Metro Hotel on Pitt) - have fundraised $1500 dollars for OzHarvest during the City2Surf run over the weekend. All of us at Metro are very proud of their effort and dedication. The money raised will help rescue and deliver an additional 3000 meals to vulnerable Australians.

OzHarvest relies solely on the generosity of our supporters to keep their vans on the road rescuing food for those in need. Australia wide they rescue over 260 tonnes of perfectly good food bound for landfill every month, and redistribute it to over 600 charities that feed people in need. This also reduces landfill waste so it's better for the environment too.

By donating to OzHarvest, here are some charities that we've helped:

  • “Each day OzHarvest will ring us and see how much food we need. It’s got so big now, to the point where we used to be in the red but now we’re in the black, when it comes to financials, so that money can be distributed to welfare matters more. Before clients were just like, “We’re gonna get some sandwiches up at the Mission,” whereas now they’re like, “What can we pick today?” Full meals. I feel like they’re actually being fed well now, whereas before we couldn’t afford vegetables and fruit. Now they’re actually getting all the vital stuff in their diets; all the greens and the protein and the things that sustain them, plus they get to take some home as well, which is pretty amazing for their evening meals.” - Pastor Brian Unterheinner, Newtown Mission

  • “We have had a lot of different occasions where students have come to school and said that “they haven’t eaten over the weekend” or there hasn’t been much food in the house, and so to pack them lunch or to give them fresh food to take home is just amazing and we have to thank OzHarvest for providing food for them!“ - Audrey Nable, Community Liaison Officer at a behavioural school based in Campbelltown

Donations to OzHarvest are welcome and can be made here

More food for thought:

Social responsibility & community events at Metro Hotel on Pitt

Every month, staff at Metro Hotel on Pitt have been participating in events and helping charities to give something back to the community and more. 

What we have done so far in 2015:

What’s Next?

 R U OK? Day - The welfare of our guests, colleagues and loved ones is important here at Metro Hotel on Pitt. During September we will be holding a series of events to encourage conversation, promote friendship, comradery and hopefully raise the awareness of the campaign to ask R U OK?

Metro Hotel Group has a strong history of ensuring their workforce is given the opportunity to talk to someone should anything not be okay through their Employee Assistance Line and Metro Hotel on Pitt is delighted to further strengthen this link and communication about mental health.

Events for our hotel team will include:

  • Coffee making classes
  • Bread making experience
  • Sushi rolling class
  • Wine tasting
  • Tea tasting

We will also be holding trust based games and talking a lot more about the stigmas behind this simple question. Our mantra borrowed from, is that it isn’t okay to ask to borrow someone’s toothbrush, but it is okay to ask R U OK?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adam Lambert Announces 2016 Australian Tour

Adam Lambert Announces 2016 Australian Tour

The man with the soaring voice Adam Lambert has announced he’s set to play a few shows in Australia at the beginning of 2016.

Fresh off the release of his third album The Original High, Lambert has unveiled tour dates for Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The last time the former American Idol runner-up was touring the country it was with Queen. He’s been touring around the world with the legendary group as their vocalist for much of the past two years and Brian May even features on his latest album.

As well as that, he bagged a hit as the singer on Avicii’s Lay Me Down and has scaled the charts here with his latest single Ghost Town.

His tour may still be a while off but we actually don’t have to wait that long to see Lambert down-under. He’s taking to The Voice stage on Sunday night to perform.

Check out all the ticket details for his tour below:

Adam Lambert The Original High Australian Tour 2016
Monday, 25th January 2016
Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Tickets: Ticketmaster
Thursday, 28th January 2016
AEC Theatre, Adelaide
Tickets: Ticketek
Saturday, 30th January 2016
Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tickets: Ticketek

Adam Lambert Announces 2016 Australian Tour

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Brisbane Festival Hot Deal

Brisbane Festival is a world class arts festival with an electrifying line up of music, theatre, dance, comedy, opera, circus and much more.

Stars including Bernard Fanning, Megan Washington, Tim Winton, Martha Wainwright, & Marcia Hines will join exciting emerging talents in Brisbane between 5 and 26 September.

To celebrate, Metro Hotel Tower Mill are offering this Brisbane Festival Hot Deal during September, with rates starting at just $126.00

For more information on Brisbane Festival, click here

Book Now - Brisbane Festival Hot Deal (at Metro Hotel Tower Mill) 

About the Brisbane Festival

Brisbane Festival is an annual, international arts festival held in Brisbane, Australia. 

Its presence dominates the city for three weeks in September and its line-up of classical and contemporary music, theatre, dance, comedy, opera, circus and major public events like Sunsuper Riverfire attracts an audience of more than one million people every year.

The combination of local, national and international acts has fostered strong community involvement and publicity for the Queensland city.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Metro Hotel on Pitt is giving back to the community

How Metro Hotel on Pitt is giving back to the community
From left: Simon (General Manager), Tara (Reception), Zuzana (Reservations), Paul (Engineering) volunteering at 2015 Sydney Homeless Connect

Metro Hotel on Pitt helping at Sydney Homeless Connect

Every month, Metro Hotel on Pitt is committed to giving back to the community by helping charities and joining worthy local causes. Spearheaded by General Manager Simon Wanstall and supported by our amazing staff, our latest project was volunteering at Sydney Homeless Connect.

Sydney Homeless Connect is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation that connects people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with the services and support they need to improve their situation and get them into accommodation. The work that we do continues throughout the year, but culminates in an annual one-day event held at Sydney's Town Hall each July where Sydney’s most disadvantaged citizens - our guests - can come and be connected with community and government services that can give them the support, guidance and information they need. In addition to being introduced to housing, health, employment, social, financial and legal services, they are also be treated to a hot hearty lunch, given medical and dental attention, offered new clothes, a haircut, a massage, and more – all for free. On the day itself, we connect around 3000 guests and volunteers with one another in an atmosphere of joy and mutual respect.

Duties of our volunteer job: Chaperones are key to this event. Connecting with guests for the morning volunteer timeslot by directing them to the service providers they need to access, having a coffee with guests and providing a connection. Chaperones should make themselves familiar with the range of service providers at Sydney Homeless Connect, so that they can be most helpful. Whenever possible, escort patrons personally around the event.

How Metro Hotel on Pitt is giving back to the community

What we have done so far in 2015:

What’s Next?

Metro Hotel on Pitt staff are running for Oz Harvest charity in the upcoming City to Surf, why not sponsor us now? Click below donate, thank you!

Be an everyday hero! Help us raise funds to feed Aussies in need! 

Strictly Ballroom Brisbane Show Package at Metro Hotel Tower Mill

Strictly Ballroom The Musical will tango, sashay and bogo pogo its way on to the stage at the QPAC Lyric Theatre in Brisbane on September 9th and Metro Hotel Tower Mill in Brisbane is offering a sizzling ‘Hot Deal’ to coincide with the opening – Brisbane Show Package

Strictly Ballroom is the inspiring story of a championship ballroom dancer who defies all the rules to follow his heart. It has been made into a musical by the original creative team behind the classic 1992 film, including director and co-writer Baz Luhrmann, set and costume designer Catherine Martin, choreographer John ‘Cha Cha’ O’Connell and co-writer Craig Pearce.

Metro Hotel Tower Mill’s Brisbane Show Package Hot Deal has prices starting from $153.00 including accommodation and breakfast for 2 adults, complimentary WiFi and an extended check-out at 11am. Tickets to the show are still available from QPAC Lyric Theatre online or phoning 136246.

All guestrooms in the hotel have a balcony with views and secure keycard access. Roma Street station is a five minute walk from the hotel or there is a free city loop bus to the CBD which departs directly from the front of the hotel.

For further information on Metro Hot Deals and bookings phone central reservations on 1800 004 321 or visit

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Metro Hotels Discount Code
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